Software Development

Delivering award-winning custom software development services that fuel growth and profitability.

SDET Digital designs, develops and delivers high-performance web applications and sites for innovative and disruptive clients across the globe. Our enterprise software development solutions are designed with architectural principles based around robustness, scalability and extensibility in mind to serve both business and user needs, now and in the longer term.

We use a variety of modern, well-supported programming languages and technologies, alongside proven libraries and tools, to aid development efficiency and speed. Our development process is based on leading coding standards and good practice, and underpinned by our proven Agile framework to give you end-to-end visibility and total trust in what we do.

Software Strategy and Consulting

There's more to successful custom software development services than good code. That's why we work with business analysts and UX specialists to put together products that help your business achieve its goals. We develop solutions to make your business more efficient, increase its reach and engagement, and accelerate growth. All our projects include quality assurance (QA) testing services to make sure everything works perfectly.

Modern Custom Software Development Services

As a business grows, it often needs more complex software to ensure all customers have a good experience. We have a proven record of designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining CRM, CMS and other products for businesses operating on an international stage. Whether you're looking for a custom-built app or a system to integrate with your existing platform, our software development company can help you.

Custom Product Development

Delivering a smooth, user-focused experience is essential to custom software development. We help companies from startups to scale-ups bring their ideas to fruition by choosing the right technologies and using a rigorous, enterprise-level approach to engineer results-driven solutions with a strong ROI.

Digital Experience Platforms

Some of the products we deliver are built on popular CRM and CMS platforms such as AEM, Drupal, WordPress, or Kentico. However, we offer custom software development and solutions from scratch if those platforms do not meet your needs. We use robust languages, libraries, and extensive user experience design knowledge to create a product that holds the user's attention and drives conversions.

Digital Commerce

Brands must offer a smooth, intuitive, secure, and reliable online shopping experience to build loyalty in an increasingly-digital world. Our team of developers offers full-stack, custom web development services. Our eCommerce solutions include customized Magento online stores and bespoke digital stores. The team will discuss your online store requirements with you and recommend a strategy for your business to help you attract targeted traffic and gain conversions. With our help, you can provide a mobile-first, speedy, and great-looking store that gives customers the online shopping experience they hoped for.

SaaS Development

For a growing business, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) can be an effective way of driving revenue. However, to achieve true scalability, it's not enough to simply outsource your development and run a script in the cloud. Reliability, scalability, and security are significant challenges that need to be managed by a team with a commitment to ongoing growth and learning. Our team has more than ten years of experience in SaaS development and cloud technology for startups and enterprises. We're here to help you get results.

Security, Maintenance and Support

Our custom software development services don't end when we're finished coding and have launched your product. Once a product has been deployed, the next challenge is to keep it running well — this means audits, updates, patches, and day-to-day support and troubleshooting. These tasks are time-consuming, and using internal IT staff—no matter how amazing they are—can result in costs from lost time spent on other projects. Plus, if your staff members aren't trained in software solutions, your software's code could be damaged, and you'll need to bring in a third party to do an expensive cleanup. Instead, choose SDET Digital as your partner for ongoing maintenance. Our engineers will always be on hand to ensure your app, website, or software performs at its best.

Modernizing Your Platform

If your brand's app or website is starting to show its age, investing in a modern solution could help your brand keep (or regain) its competitive edge. Our developers have expertise in transforming legacy systems, making the process of upgrading more straightforward and allowing you to see results a little bit sooner.