Aggregate data and smartly use it for process automation and business intelligence

IoT services help aggregate data from physical objects and smartly use it for process automation and business intelligence. At SDET Digital, we drive value-centered IoT solutions and set up multi-level data pipelines for that: from edge computing to cloud data processing and data science.

At SDET Digital, we will help you collect and properly analyze the data from physical objects to make transformative improvements to your business processes.

Live Remote Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Industry-leading cloud and edge tools for rapid device deployment, and easier asset management. Monitor IoT devices, asset performance and security with bi-directional communications. Gain additional information to solve problems efficiently by accessing live data of business operations and assets.

Decision Support & Data Analytics

IoT analytics enables companies to draw actionable insights from data generated by the devices connected to the IoT cloud. SDET Digital helps companies implement reliable IoT analytics solutions and provides IoT analytics as a service. Real-time monitoring and collection of sensor data for purpose including batch, predictive, and interactive analysis.

Edge Computing

IoT produces a large amount of data that needs to be processed and analyzed so it can be used. Edge computing moves computing services closer to the end user or the source of the data, such as an IoT device. Decentralized computing using the rapid processing capability of end-devices connected node-to-node in a network.

Digital Twin

Creating digital replicas for a strategic overview while evaluating the impact on other perspectives in the industry. An IoT digital twin is a digital representation of a real-world entity, such as a device or a manufacturing production process. With SDET Digital, you can build an IoT digital twin for any purpose. And there's no limit to the devices or systems you can connect to.

Pluggable Cloud Services

Manage cost and functionality with the proper provisioning and integration of multiple cloud services at the same time. An IoT platform plays a pivotal role for smart device vendors and startups, who can use it to equip their products with remote control and real-time monitoring functions, configurable alerts and notifications, pluggable cloud services, and integration with smartphones and other devices.

Third-party Integration

IoT integration is the key! With Cumulocity IoT, you can easily integrate your IoT solutions with your enterprise apps, whether they’re in the cloud or on-premises. A platform to use or attach third-party solutions to SDET Digital's IoT services and power your business's app or web service.