Digital Transformation

Improve operational efficiency, employee productivity, and customer experience with digital solutions

Digital Integration (DI) plays a pivotal role in this endeavor, enabling the distribution and movement of data across diverse systems, and helping achieve digital transformational objectives. With greater usage of cloud infrastructure and cloud applications, it poses greater challenges in integration and ensuring seamless connectivity across the application landscape.

Integration work has transformed from being traditional plumbing to the one meeting complex hybrid integration needs of organizations. SDET Digital’s DI Practice is at the forefront of implementing innovative digital solutions for clients, and becoming a trustworthy partner in their digital journey. We focus on API Management, Microservices, Cloud Integration, Hybrid Integration, Lightweight Messaging, Partner Integration, Enterprise Application Integration, Business Process Management and Enterprise Content Management.

With a strong client base and diverse implementation experience, SDET Digital’s DI practice is a one-stop-shop for all your Digital Integration needs. Our longstanding relationship with clients highlights our domain expertise, customer centricity, and thought leadership. With our renowned expertise in building innovative digital solutions, we help clients achieve their digital transformational objectives profitably.

iDigitalization (iDz)

Drive operational efficiency by eliminating paper-based processes for routine office activities, via industry-agnostic solutions powered by automation, digitization and process standardization.

Cloud Integration Management

Recommend the right-fit integration approach based on the enterprise application architecture, and evaluate market-leading iPaaS vendors best suited to address the recommended integration needs.

API Management and Microservices Pack

Achieve digital maturity with API Management and Microservices-based design patterns, leveraging the SDET Digital assessment methodologies, frameworks and solutions.

Digital Integration Competency Center Framework (DICC)

Establish an enterprise-wide integration strategy and governance process for continuous improvement and feedback, irrespective of the recommended integration technology stack.