Business Intelligence

Revolutionizing Enterprise Business Intelligence Applications

Enabling Business Intelligence Strategy for Improving Organization’s Decision Making, Real-Time Analytics, and Embedded Analytics.

Harness business intelligence to turn your data into meaningful insights. We offer our expertise and BI services to develop custom software from scratch or modernize your existing analytics platforms. Modern intelligence business solutions allow more employees to access and use the required information to make data-driven decisions.

BI & reporting solutions give organizations advanced analysis tools with opportunities for self-service while acquiring business data. So, users can process and analyze data independently when they need it. Besides, BI software enables business groups to make future forecasts using predictive analytics capabilities. Ultimately, today’s business intelligence software tools allow companies to analyze various data types, including third-party, unstructured, and multi-structured data sets.

Big Data Analytics Strategy

End-to-End Solutions for streamlining Big Data Analytics Infrastructure development and deployment. Performed using specialized software tools & applications, Big Data & Analytics involves predictive analytics, data mining, text mining, data optimization, data management, & forecasting.

Cognitive Customer Analytics

Empowering Customer Analytics based solutions for Building Predictive Analytics based models and recommendation engines. Cognitive analytics can be thought of as analytics with human-like intelligence. This can include understanding the context and meaning of a sentence, or recognizing certain objects in an image given large amounts of information. Cognitive analytics often uses artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning, allowing a cognitive application to improve over time.

Data Warehouse Modernization Services

Modernize Data Warehouse and enable Scalable Cloud Analytics and Real Time Analytics capabilities. Enterprise Data Warehouse, the heart of the data-driven decision support systems, also continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Data warehouse modernization will enable the EDW environment to meet quickly changing business requirements and technology challenges, and rapidly iterate new solutions to support future data analytics workloads at any scale.

Data Intelligence Services

Transforming Real-Time Decision Making with Data Intelligence and Business Intelligence based Solutions. Break down data silos, move from proprietary to open standard, and unify data to empower leadership with real-time, predictive insights. Accessible, actionable analytics at your fingertips, when you need it. SDET Digital will help you get there.