Big Data Analytics

Improve the quality of business decisions with accurate data analytics

Data engineering and analytics services ensure smooth and rapid movement of data – from its origin to places of consumption, with minimum distortion. Organizations can make qualified, data-driven decisions for driving business outcomes including revenue generation, customer experience and operational efficiency.

With a ton of options available to perform this process, organizations are stumbling their way through their architectural decisions. And more often than not, the ‘obvious choice’ need not be the right choice for your business.

With deep expertise and vast experience, both in commercial and open source tools SDET Digital can help you explore these options and make technology work to meet your unique data engineering and analytics needs.

Data Engineering Services

Ensure maximum fluidity of your data, from origin to destination, with quality engineering practices. Our data engineering services help make data more useful and accessible to all data consumers. We help our clients gather data requirements, maintain metadata about data, ensure security and data governance, and process data according to their unique requirements.

BI & Data Modernization Solutions

Get your insights and visualization ready for making impactful decisions. We help access data from a variety of sources, detect and correct errors within the data, remove duplicate copies of data and disambiguation to provide high-quality, enriched data for effective decision-making. Our data analytics team helps build customized data analytics solutions that enable clients to achieve faster data analysis and reporting, reduce churn, increase productivity and more.

Data Analytics Solutions

Augment human decision making with machines for exploratory scenarios, with the right combination of powerful algorithms and techniques. Are you waiting to uncover the hidden opportunities here? Imagine intelligent technologies being fuelled by a continual stream of insights; quicker, smarter decisions to accelerate innovation or 360-degree customer views to boost relevance and revenue. SDET Digital’s Data Analytics service can empower you to do that. SDET Digital offers a comprehensive suite of data analytics solutions and insights-related services to enterprises seeking to maximize the value of their data.

AI/ML Solutions Solutions

Obtain far reaching insights from your data, beyond what meets the human eye with intelligent machine learning services. Our AI & ML services include the creation of self-learning algorithms that reduce errors while increasing accuracy over time. Machine learning systems examine data and learn new things from it, resulting in fast and accurate insights supplied without the need for human intervention. We can assist you in spotting AI opportunities and removing impediments to AI innovation. With our expertise in applied AI and software development, you may create intelligent systems that can do human-like jobs at any time and in any location.